Mission Statement

st-andrew-color-logo-200x288Our warm, welcoming congregation, with many local and global ministries, spreads the word of God and His love for all people.  Our churches symbol reflects our congregation outlook, HIS heart opens OUR hearts through uplifting services and prayer, educating all ages, support and care for one another, and serving those in need in our community and throughout the world. Amen!

We are:

PEOPLE OF PRAYER – we stress prayer with the prayer book on Sundays, the prayer room after Sunday services, and prayer chains (both electronic and by telephone).

LIFE-LONG LEARNERS – we have an active Sunday Morning Education hour for all ages.  We also have circle groups, confirmation classes, an active youth group, and more!

FAITHFUL WITNESSES – there are 2 services on Sunday Mornings (Traditional – 8:15 am and Contemporary – 10:30 am).  We coordinate with other congregations for special events like VBS and we offer a community garden, as well, as working with other community outreach programs.

WORLD SERVANTS FOR CHRIST – a major mission effort with Pachacamaca, Peru, including monthly donations for food and biannual mission trips.  We also collect “noisy offerings” on the 4th Sunday of every month to support ELCA World Hunger.