Easter Sunday

by Betty Dagen

Although we don’t always think of it that way – Easter is a season. It lasts 40 days – from the Resurrection on Easter Sunday to the celebration of Jesus Ascension into Heaven. It is a joyous time – to reflect on God’s will for our lives and celebrate the gift of God’s Son on the Cross.

I once heard a sermon about the Easter experience where it is compared to our own life experience. We start out in a nice, warm, snug womb – being cared for by a continuous supply of food and nutrition. Then – all of a sudden – we are thrust into a larger world. Those around us are happy to see us but it is very scary and very different from the safe, warm womb we have left. It’s a whole different life! Then we adjust – living our lives as long as God has intended. Along the way we are met by trials and tribulations, angels and teachers, and experiences of all kinds. Then – it is time for another change! We leave this earth with people saddened by the loss – but into a glorious heaven where Jesus is waiting. Jesus died on the cross -rose from the dead – and ascended into heaven just for you and me!


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