Congregational Care

Our Mission

To reach out to members and friends in need to build a stronger, compassionate community. To provide caring ministries that meet the needs of our members and extended church family.

To provide support when needed either during illness, birth of a new baby, or loss of a loved one. To ensure that they have a support system to help as needed. If you have a passion for helping others or skills you are willing to share with members and friends of the congregation we would be happy to have your help!

If you are in need of help please don’t hesitate to call us we will do what we can to support you.


Our goal is to help those in need of meals for them and their family as they deal with issues that come up in life like surgery, illness, new baby, or death of a loved one.


Got a car and some time?  Help those who are unable to drive themselves to doctor appointments, help run errands, or maybe even grocery shopping.

Blankets of Love

Knit, crochet, quilted, no matter  your talent in making blankets you can either make them and we will give them out as needed or as you have them done we can tell you who could use a blanket that will remind them someone cares every time they use it.
New Babies
It’s so exciting when a new baby arrives!  Help the parents celebrate this new life with the gift of a baby blanket.


Visit those members and friends who are unable to attend church.

As someone goes through an illness, surgery, etc. visit them in the hospital to give them a friendly face during a challenging time.

Those who need a listening ear
Offer encouragement, listen if they need to talk, pray with and for them.

Bring Communion
Become a team member who is trained in how to serve communion to those who are unable to attend church.

Prayer Chain

St. Andrew is a praying congregation, with an email prayer chain and a telephone prayer chain.   Requests for prayers are made through the church office or the pastor, and passed on to the prayer chain coordinator. The prayers are then sent to those persons who have requested to be on the prayer chain. It is amazing to watch God work through this ministry.

To be a part of the praying chain, contact the church office and provide your name and email address (or telephone number). There can never be too many people praying!


Adult Birthdays
Send out a card to celebrate the birthday’s of our members and friends to show them that we celebrate with them!

Kids Birthdays
Every kid looks forward to their birthday!  Help remind them that their church family is there for them by sending them a birthday card.

Help couples in our congregation celebrate their special day with a card congratulating them on their life together.

As we go through life we all will deal with illness, loss of life, and moments of trouble.