All of us are a part of evangelism in one way or another.  Any time you offer to bring a friend to church.  Pick up a member who can no longer drive and bring them to church.  Or invite people to church events you are participating in evangelism.  Showing God’s love to all by caring to invite them to church and church functions.

An easy way to participate in the Evangelism commission is to pick someone up for church.  Maybe the can no longer drive, maybe the can’t drive for the moment, or maybe they don’t have money for gas that week.  If you pick someone up for church you are helping bring people to hear the message.  If you would like to find a person who could use a ride to church please contact the church office.

We have a visitation team also that goes out one day a week to visit people who are in the hospital, homebound, or don’t have a home church..  If you would like to join this group of if you know someone who would like or could use a visit, please contact the church office.