The Stewardship commission endeavors to keep the congregation aware that we are the caretakers of God’s gifts to us.  God gives us all some kind of talent whether they be sing voices, sewing hands, visiting talents or monetary treasures.  October is Stewardship month and we will have temple talks and skits appealing to the congregation to get involved according to individual talents.  Please come forward any time of year to volunteer your talents to the committee you would like to see grow.

The second part of Stewardship is the Endowment Fund.  In the last three years the fund has more than doubled in value from $6,000 to $14,000.  The money is now invested in a Thrivent Moderate Growth fund instead of the money market fund that was not earning any dollars.  Each year we will take the earnings from the fund and disperse them to worthy causes such as scholarships, youth and family ministries, local and Global missions, etc.  A plaque is located in the narthex of known contributors.

If you would like to see what opportunities there are to serve click here to download the pdf.  Fill it out and turn it in to the offering plate.  Or pick up a copy at the church they are scattered through the narthex, lounge and the office.